Hosting your Tour

We don’t have a tour scheduled for 2017 in anticipation of our first FTB Yogic Teacher Training. However, Find the Beloved also provides the service of hosting other devotional tours for afternoon programs by the Govardhan Hill, Gokul, Barsana, Vrindavan, Kamvan and other sacred sites in and around Braj, as well as in Nathdvara, Rajasthan.

Our services include facilitated interactions with community members, walking tours of pilgrimage sites, delicious prasad meals, readings from Shyamdas’ books, inspirational audio from Shyamdas’ teachings, visits to Shyamdas Foundation project sites, guest lectures, satsang, kirtan and more.

Lately we have enjoyed providing this service for tours by Bhakti Fest, Govindas, Gaura Vani, Gopi Kinnicut, Saul David Raye, John Smrtic, Renee Radharani Finkelstein, Mohan Shyam Sharma, Vraj Devi, Prem Prayojana, Prof. Brahma Mahurta and others. These bhaktas and their fortunate tour guests tend to be totally overwhelmed in awe of our private, close-range spectacular vista of Girirajji, the deep bhakti mood of Shyamdas’ longtime residential space, and delicious prasad prepared by Mohan, Shyamdas’ lifetime assistant and cooking partner. Bring your tour by to Find the Beloved!

Inquire via email for daily rates and availability