Adventures with Madan Mohan

Coming soon...Episode 1: "Dancing Rotis" This series pairs sacred adventures with cooking instruction. Follow Mohan on his journeys throughout the sacred lands of India, and observe his cooking expertise in the kitchen. Listen in as he converses with locals and remembers the great bhaktas he has met over the years. Madan Mohan....Seva wallah. Prasad Master. Vrajvasi. Gokul native. His cooking is legendary and transformative. He has non-stop seva bhav and an unshakeable good mood. Since the age of 12 he assisted Shyamdas in Krishna seva and became his inseperable guru-bhai, or godbrother. Madan Mohan has served thousands of Indians and foreigners alike with delicious prasad, foods offered to Lord Krishna, with a fusion of western and Indian cuisine.