I highly recommend this experience–it promises to be magical.”
– Sharon Padma Gannon, Jivamukti co-founder

A Holi retreat!!!!! Everyone should go!!!!” – Jai Uttal

Through our beloved friend Shyamdas, we met his dear fellow-traveller and¬†student, Vallabhdas. If you are interested in experiencing the heart of India and devotion, I heartily recommend a wonderful 16-day Pilgrimage March 19-April 3, hosted by Vallabhdas and his team of blissful bhaktas.”
– Deva Premal

Some of the sweetest and deepest moments in my travels were experienced with our beloved friend Shyam Das in the area know as Braj. For a Bhakta, the sacred lands of Braj are full of devotion, magic, history and a divine sweetness like no other place. In the physical absence of Shyamji, our dear brothers Vallabhdas and Mohan are continuing his great work and unique sharing with the world. For any sincere devotees on the path of Yoga, I highly recommend any chance you get to spend time in this enchanting and beautiful place in the care of such loving, wise and capable hands. I myself am looking forward to be again in their company in Braj. Prayers for all beings. JSK!”
– Saul David Raye

Vallabhdas is carrying the torch of the path that Shyamdas has left us. He is one of the rare westerners who has the capacity to bring us deep into the heart of Bhakti in Braj- the sacred land of Radha and Krishna. Please give yourself a gift and meet him in the land of love.”
-Govindas (Bhakti Yoga Shala, Santa Monica)

Sitting with my 7 year-old daughter at the foot of Govardhan Mountain in Shyamdas’ house, a rustic, handcrafted dwelling filled with smiling faces and singing voices. Later that evening we walk hand-in-hand on dust pathways made by the footprints of a thousand sages amidst crying peacocks, bowers of sacred trees, fingers of fog reaching out to us under the waning warmth of the setting sun. Suddenly my daughter falls to the ground and squeals, “I never want to leave this place!” She insists I take a huge handful of dust home with us in a tied bandana. That dust sits on my altar. Small silver box holds magic dust that carries us to distant universes beyond the reach of time and loss. Thank you Shyamdas!”
– Gaura Vani