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Madhurashtakam: the Song of Sweetness

This video demonstrates how to sing with harmonium the Song of Sweetness, a Sanskrit composition by Vallabhacharya and one of Shyamdas’ favorite songs. He recorded it on his Beloved Chants album as well as on a live CD called Songs of Sweetness. Here I play it on Shyamdas’ own mini harmonium, which is tuned down a half step so that he can use the standard Indian C# based fingering while western musicians could accompany him in C. This is the same tuning as on his Beloved Chants CD. In the pdf below I provide the Indian notation (sa re ga ma pa dha ni sa) so that you can also transpose it to another key.

Madhurashtakam Sheet Music
Click above to view a pdf with more info on the Vibhās raga and musical notations for the Madhurashtakam.