At the moment I am preparing a newly edited version of 252 Vaishnavas Part 1, which will be published in 2016 including a new preface by Sharon Padma Gannon, a lover of this literature. I have also applied for an NEH grant for my next project, completing the translation of the 84 Vaishnavas of Mahaprabhu Shri Vallabhacharya. The devotional literature of Vallabhacharya’s bhakti lineage blew my mind and heart when Shyamdas introduced me to his books in 2005. Shyamdas could see the divine lilas unfold before his eyes as he read the Sanskrit and Brajbhasha words of the great bhaktas of the past. With his association and guidance, the blessings of my guru Shri Milan Goswami, and academic training, I continue to translate devotional works into English and aspire to such divine insights and vision.