300 hour Yogic Lifestyle Teacher Training in India

Dec. 30, 2017 to Jan. 28, 2018
Udaipur, Nathdwara & Jatipura (India)

4 week intensive full-time
Yogic Lifestyle Teacher Training

Jenna Faith (800-hr certified Jivamukti yoga teacher)
Vallabhdas (M.A., Indian Languages and Literature)
Madan Mohan (Gokulvasi, master chef)


Start your new year with a total shift toward lasting health and bliss, with this immersion into yogic practice, lifestyle and teachings. Our Teacher Training offers an intimate small group experience that couples serious study with great fun. You will enjoy, learn, and walk away with both the confidence to teach and the tools to establish a meaningful career.

Prerequisite readings, application, and full schedule coming soon!

Teacher Training curriculum features:

  • Yoga Asana and scripture
  • Safe sequencing and assists
  • Alignment and energetics
  • Pranayama and Meditation
  • Bandhas
  • Reading and writing in Sanskrit
  • Indian literature and philosophy
  • Harmonium and yogic Music Theory
  • Vegetarian/Vegan diet and cooking instruction
  • Career tips
  • Auditioning techniques for job placement
  • Practical teaching experience
  • Readings, homework, evaluation and discussion
  • Ample individual attention and ongoing guidance

Schedule includes:

  • Daily asana classes taught by Jenna Faith and incrementally by teacher trainees themselves
  • Daily Sanskrit study
  • Daily group meetings, readings, satsangs
  • Workshops in Ayurveda, Dance, Cooking, Music, Anatomy, and more
  • Cultural immersion and pilgrimage
  • Excursions, darshans, walks, outdoor yoga
  • Walking pilgrimage (parikrama) of the sacred Govardhan Hill

About your facilitators:

We are neither yoga celebrities nor gurus, but three yogis and bhaktas offering you a blend of traditional and modern methods to further your yogic life goals. Our training curriculum is founded upon our solid experience in each of the featured fields of study, clear program organization, academic level teachings and materials, intimidation-free learning space, grace-filled flow, and our deep love for the paths of yoga and bhakti.

Jenna Faith (800-hr certified Jivamukti Yoga teacher; BA, Biology; BFA, Fashion Design). I received my 300 hr Jivamukti teacher training in May, 2013 and completed my 800 hr certification the following year after an intensive continuing education apprenticeship with Jessica Stickler. I decided to delve full time into a teaching career and for 4 years taught yoga classes at multiple studios in New York City and New Jersey. I often taught 35+ classes per week during those years. I have also enjoyed several opportunities to teach workshops and at festivals internationally, most recently at Prague Spirit Festival.

My classes, workshops, corporate classes and private sessions are always personalized for any level of practitioner, with special attention to their needs, alignment, and the growth of the student’s personal practice. My complex, dynamically sequenced classes are set to an invigorating and uplifting soundtrack.

I have co-facilitated India retreats and produced bhakti festivals and events. I have also studied pre- and post-natal, restorative, yin, ashtanga, and chair yoga. Currently I live in the motherland of India, staying deeply connected to my practice, devotion and the core of yoga teachings.

eka pada koundinyasana

Vallabhdas (M.A., Asian Languages and Literature, University of Washington). I am a scholar and translator of Sanskrit, Brajbhasha and Hindi, and a Vaishnava Krishna-bhakta initiated into the Pushtimarg Vallabha Sampradaya. I lived, studied and worked with my first yoga mentor, the American yogi Prem Prakash, at Kailash Ashram Vermont and the Green Mountain School of Yoga from 1997 to 2004. I then lived, studied and worked with my bhakti mentor Shyamdas for 7 years, publishing with him eight books on bhakti literature, and have studied for 12+ years now with my bhakti guru, Shri Milan Goswami.

I have a deep passion for singing kirtan and poetry, particularly in the classical style of Haveli Sangeet. I have lived in India most of the past 12 years and have hosted and led bhakti tours in India for 5 years. I organized and taught an online course in the poetic language of Brajbhasha and have facilitated workshops in the Sanskrit language, various Sanskrit texts and other topics at bhakti festivals and yoga studios.



Madan Mohan, a native of Krishna’s hometown of Gokul, served by Shyamdas’ side for nearly 40 years, assuring guests from Sting to Christie Turlington to Shyamdas’ family and friends were comfortable, safe, inspired and well-fed. He is excited to offer you the same. Mohan has traveled widely with westerners on tour throughout India. His cooking (a mixture of western tastes, local ingredients, ancient tradition and a whole lot of love) is legendary.

Madan Mohan

Madan Mohan