Travel Info

Important Travel Information and Timeline

Find plane tickets sooner than later

The $3500 tour cost does not include international travel. Tickets to India can be found at great prices these days, but act fast for the best deals. We recommend you fly into Delhi landing Sunday February 24th. We will arrange pickup at any point on that day or the day before, but we provide inclusive accommodations only from the 24th night onward. We can help you find accommodations for the 23rd or earlier at your personal expense. Contact us at or 813.360.1008 for more specific advice on ticket timings.

Procure your India Visa

As long as you plan to be in India less than 30 days you can apply online for a visa here: The application has to be filled out at least 4 but no more than 30 days before arrival, i.e. between January 24th and February 20th. If you plan to stay in India more than 30 days you will need to apply for a visa through the Consulate General of India nearest your place of residence.

Suggested items to pack

*ATM card (tell your bank beforehand that you will be traveling abroad)
*a Steripen or other water purifier if you care to reduce use of plastic drinking water bottles, which are widely available
*India has a lot of fantastic beauty products so no need to pack too heavily on those essentials
*headlamp/flashlight for power outages and any after-dusk outings
*sun protection
*yoga mat
*sense of humor and patience
*open inquisitive mind

Health concerns, liability, risks

NOTE: We require traveler’s insurance and recommend World Nomads with policies for as low as $89. Other options include STA Travel and Travel Guard. The insurance is worth it when you need it and can cover emergency treatments, hospitalization, emergency repatriation, and even trip cancellation. Read the fine print and ask questions of course.

*Find the Beloved is a company registered in the state of Washington and will operate according to best practices, but there are inherent risks involved with travel in India. Introducing your body to a variety of new bacteria, parasites and viruses present in a foreign country is likely at some point to cause some sickness and can even become recurring, until your body finds a new homeostasis. Travelers who prefer using antibiotics often keep some Cipro or Flagyll on hand, while others prefer natural supplements like clove pills, Grapefruit seed extract, priobiotics etc. to prepare and maintain optimal gut health. We are not doctors and recommend consulting with professionals. We will have access to Indian doctors and medicines throughout the trip. Take a look at the CDC’s immunization recommendations. In the locations and season we are traveling, there should not be a very high risk of malaria.

*Our drivers are pre-screened and monitored for safe practices, but road travel can be inherently dangerous in India. We keep driving times to a maximum of 4 hours at a time and can stop at any point as needed.