Mystic India Tour: Temples, Tigers & the Taj

February 24 – March 9, 2019

In collaboration with Jamuna Yoga

Yoga, music, cultural immersion
Holi celebrations, special guests
Wildlife, safaris, excursions
Exquisite local cuisine
Shopping & sightseeing

$3500 tour cost includes high-end accomodations, domestic flights and private cars, all meals, safaris, entrance fees to parks and museums. Click here to REGISTER

Itinerary (subject to change):

Arrive Delhi airport by Sunday, February 24. We will coordinate airport pickups and the 3 hour drive by private car to our first location.

Feb. 24-26: We begin our journey with a deep excursion into the timeless lands of sacred India, the holy region of Braj and its towns of Vrindavan, Govardhan & Gokul where the legends of Indian lore come to life. Lose your worries and sense of time as we travel together, enjoying mystic walks through rural fields, boat rides down sacred rivers, prayers in ancient temples, and glimpses of wildlife like monkeys, langour, peacocks, antelope, kingfishers, owls and other animal beings. We will not only take in several millenia worth of sacred vibrations, but we will also give back by offering humble service to the speechless animal residents of Braj (dog seva) and visiting at-risk schoolgirls at Food for Life Vrindavan. Our accommodations in Braj feature private lawns, swimming pool and spa treatments (at modest extra rates) and of course daily yoga with our very own Jenna Faith.

Feb. 27-28: Sunrise at the iconic Taj Mahal and exploration of the nearby, awe inspiring Red Fort hint to the scale of India’s rich history. We continue on by private car to a gorgeous heritage hotel in Bharatpur and visit Keoladeo National Park, the renowned bird and animal sanctuary, a world class destination for tourists, nature lovers, ornithologists and photographers (see some amazing descriptions and photos online here).

March 1-5: No trip to India is complete without a train ride: we embark on an upper class overnight train ride to the royal, English speaking, tourist friendly, lakeside city of Udaipur in Rajasthan. The picturesque, clean city of Udaipur features boat rides, city palace tour, fantastic shopping and custom tailored clothes. We’ll also spend one day exploring the bustling temple town of Nathdwara, home of Shri Nathji, one of the most famous Krishna deities of India. Other local excursions from Udaipur include the ancient Eklingji Shiva temple and the gigantic walled fortress and UNESCO World Heritage site Kumbhalghar. We will also enjoy an exclusive overnight stay at Bera Safari Lodge, a remote boutique lodge (who recently hosted BBC film crews) and conservation area. On private safaris we’ll hope to see wild leopards, hyenas, caracals, crocodiles and more.

March 6-9: Domestic flights and private cars bring us to the Kanha National Park in Madhya Pradesh for our quest to behold the glorious tigers of India in their natural habitat, along with countless other wild jungle animals. Following in the footsteps of our friends at Big Cat Rescue, we have chosen Kanha among the many possible tiger destinations for its adherance to wildlife conservation standards. Stay at an eco-friendly jungle lodge operated by a legendary family of naturalists and conservationists and enjoy two days of safaris and jungle walks. We arrange return flights arriving in Delhi on Saturday evening, March 9th.

Total tour cost is $3500 USD paid in full. To reserve your participation, please submit a non-refundable deposit of $500 on our Registration page. Option to pay the remaining cost in two installments of $1500, due 12/15 and 1/15. Costs are for double occupancy accommodations. Single rooms may be available at variable extra costs, depending on location. Contact us for inquiries regarding group and couples rates. A portion of our tour proceeds will be donated to Big Cat Rescue in Tampa, Florida for their amazing work caring for cats and ending the trade.

What’s Included:

*Our collective deep experience guiding westerners safely into sacred India
*All accommodations and domestic travel
*Airport pickup and dropoff at Delhi international airport
*Entrance fees to national parks, safaris, forts etc.
*Meditative contemplation in remote peaceful outdoor locations
*Transformative Yoga practice and teachings
*Ecstatic temple experiences
*Cultural immersion

What’s NOT Included:

*Roundtrip tickets to New Delhi, India
(contact us at or 813.360.1008 for specific advice on ticket timings)
*Traveler’s insurance  (~$89 from World Nomads; other options include STA Travel and Travel Guard)

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